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In-depth exploration of ceramic fiber blanket

In-depth exploration of ceramic fiber blanket

Aluminum silicate is an extremely stable chemical substance, and its excellent low thermal conductivity has become the main source of performance for people to make insulation materials.

Our commonly used ceramic fiber blankets and aluminum silicate board insulation materials are all manufactured using aluminum silicate as raw materials.

Let us now take a closer look at ceramic fiber blankets!

The thermal insulation performance of ceramic fiber blankets can be deeply understood by each of us. This environmentally-friendly and safe thermal insulation material has become the preferred thermal insulation product in buildings.

The ductility of this material is very prominent, and it has a more obvious advantage for the application of large-area wall insulation. This kind of lighter-weight insulation material can make our walls have obvious insulation properties, and it can also provide We leave more indoor space, so this substance has a slight advantage in this respect.

When transporting ceramic fiber blankets, we also have a lot to pay attention to: if this fibrous material is scratched, it will cause damage to its performance, and they cannot be pressed. These are all It is something that needs attention.