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Ingredients ratio of ceramic fiber blanket

Ingredients ratio of ceramic fiber blanket

With the continuous development of modern technology, ceramic fiber blankets are continuously used in production. It is known that when ceramic fiber blankets are produced, the weight of each raw material is weighed when the ingredients are being processed, and the weighing is performed. The entire batching process plays a decisive role.

Below we understand the reasons:

  1. When we carry out the ceramic fiber blanket, the utilization of waste bricks is 5~20%≤30%.

2, ceramic fiber blanket ratio: particle grading. The adjacent grain size ratio is 6~7. The amount of fine powder is 30~40%. Re-crushing during mixing.

  1. The ultimate particle size, the size of the selected particle limit particle size directly affects the thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance and dimensional integrity of the ceramic fiber blanket. General brick: 2.5 mm ~ 3.5 mm. Non-burning products: 8~12 mm. Tar dolphins bricks and other 35 mm.

When we are making ingredients, we must pay close attention to the ratio, because it affects the quality of the ceramic fiber blanket produced, as well as subsequent sales problems.