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Is the ceramic fiber blanket yellowing?

Is the ceramic fiber blanket yellowing?

At this stage, aluminum silicate products are often used in high-temperature fields, and ceramic fiber blankets can be said to be the most popular product. However, what bothers users is that after a period of use, the ceramic fiber blankets will turn a little yellow. why?

The following is the specific reason.

One. Our acupuncture blankets and other aluminum silicate products will add some neutral rubber internal crosslinking agents and tackifiers during the production process, and these glues are the cause of the yellowing of our products, because these two raw materials contain “Amine group” can easily cause yellowing, even imported glass glue has this phenomenon.

two. In addition, if the neutral transparent glue and acid glass glue are used at the same time in the production process, it is likely to cause yellowing of ceramic fiber blankets.

three. In addition to the above two reasons, another reason may be that the glue is stored for a long time, then the use of the glue at this time will have an impact, or it may be caused by a certain reaction between the glue and the substrate.

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