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Knowledge of handling ceramic fiber blanket

Knowledge of handling ceramic fiber blanket

The ceramic fiber blanket used for large-area insulation construction is an industry-recognized insulation product. This insulation product produced by our factory is more recognized by customers in terms of quality and price, so the manufacturer here shares with you the handling knowledge of our factory .

Ceramic fiber blanket is a felt-like thermal insulation product, which is generally large in size, and it is inevitable for workers to work hard in the process of transportation.

When loading and unloading, the wooden board can be used as a slope properly, but the insulation blanket cannot be rolled directly. It is best to wrap a layer of wrapping paper on the outside to ensure its cleanliness.

Generally, ceramic fiber blankets can be placed longitudinally on the transport vehicle. If you choose to place them horizontally, be careful not to place too heavy objects on them to avoid squeezing the insulation blanket, which may degrade its performance or damage its appearance.

The transport vehicle should also pay attention to its cleanness, and there should be no dust and paper scraps. Before loading the vehicle, you can lay a layer of wooden board or canvas in the compartment to ensure the cleanliness of the needle blanket.

Also, the acupuncture blanket is best to be bundled before handling, so as not to fall apart halfway, affecting transportation.