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Manufacturers store ceramic fiber blankets like this in summer

As summer comes, for ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers, storing needle blankets has become another issue worthy of attention. Let’s take a look at how our factory stores needle blankets.

The storage of ceramic fiber blankets by manufacturers in summer is different from other seasons, mainly because the high temperature in summer and the rainstorms from time to time affect the needle-punched blanket.

Although the needle-punched blanket has good stability and high temperature resistance, the manufacturer should avoid direct sunlight when storing the needle-punched blanket, and do not place the needle-punched blanket in the warehouse entrance and window. No open flames can appear in the warehouse, and workers are also prohibited from smoking in the warehouse.

The rainy weather that occurs from time to time in summer requires ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers to do a good job of preventing moisture. The needle-punched blanket in the warehouse is best placed vertically to minimize the contact area with the ground;

If the manufacturer intends to lay the needle-punched blanket flat, it may lay wooden boards on the ground to prevent moisture from the ground from entering the needle-punched blanket.

In rainy weather, the doors and windows should be closed tightly, and the windows should be opened after the rain to ventilate to prevent the needle blanket from getting wet in the warehouse.