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Papermaking process of ceramic fiber blanket

Everyone may not know much about the papermaking process of ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers. The papermaking process is the most important method. Below we briefly understand the papermaking process of ceramic fiber blankets for everyone to introduce:

1, beating

Because the ceramic fiber is long, the paper is not conducive to the dispersion of the fiber during the papermaking process, and it is difficult to form a uniform paper. Therefore, we should first beat the ceramic fiber. The ceramic fiber is different from the plant fiber and belongs to the artificial mineral fiber. Fibrosis, only the cutting effect.

By appropriately cutting the silicon ceramic fiber, the ceramic fiber blanket is easily dispersed, and the separation of the subsequent slag ball and the fiber is also facilitated.

2, slag removal

In the production process, there will be some slag balls with a diameter of about 0.25mm in the production process. The slag balls from the blowing or crepe process will reduce the uniformity and strength of the paper during the process of making ceramic fiber blankets. Therefore, the slag should be slag. The ball is removed.

The laboratory uses a sedimentation method to remove the slag balls, and uses the difference in density between the slag balls and the fibers to remove the slag balls by washing with water. The beaten fibers were dispersed in water at a concentration of about 1%.

Stir at high speed for 30 minutes with a stirrer to separate the fiber and slag as much as possible, then let stand for about 5 minutes. Most of the slag will sink to the bottom. At this time, use 20 mesh net to gently remove the fiber from the water. Try not to stir up the precipitate. Slag.

The slag can be substantially removed by repeating 3 times.

3, mixed slurry

The ceramic fiber after beating and desmutting has a suitable fiber length.

However, since the ceramic fibers cannot form sufficient interaction force when forming paper, they can only rely on the frictional force formed by the interweaving of the fibers. In order to enhance the paper-forming effect, a part of the plant fibers can be added to the slurry to make the fibers between the fibers. The network structure is dense and increases the retention of the adhesive.

Tips: The process of making ceramic fiber blankets is: beating – removing slag – adding adhesive – papermaking – drying – physical testing.

For the ceramic fiber blanket, the papermaking process will be more secure when used later, and it will be convenient for your own use. The above knowledge will be introduced to you briefly.