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Performance of ceramic fiber blanket in use

Performance of ceramic fiber blanket in use

The varieties of ceramic fiber blanket are divided into: standard ceramic fiber blanket, high purity ceramic fiber blanket, high aluminum ceramic fiber blanket, zirconium-containing ceramic fiber blanket.

Ceramic fiber blankets also have low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, excellent tensile strength, excellent thermal insulation, fire resistance, and sound absorption. If there are customers who want to buy ceramic fiber blankets Welcome to inquire.

As a professional manufacturer of ceramic fiber blankets, our company uses advanced CWCN equipment. Double-sided needle punched blanket assembly line. Its equipment and production technology are at the leading level. Various aluminum silicate fiber needle punched blankets.

It uses raw materials that are not made of materials (such as coke, silica, aluminum oxide, zircon sand, etc.), and the resulting fibers are made by settling needle punching, heat setting, vertical and horizontal cutting, rolling and other processes.The texture is uniform. The surface is flat and has excellent tensile strength. Because the ceramic fiber blanket itself does not contain a binder, it greatly improves the heat resistance …