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Pipe insulation construction of ceramic fiber blanket [step]

Pipe insulation construction of ceramic fiber blanket [step]

Ceramic fiber blankets are often used for insulation pipes because of their characteristic properties. However, in order to fully exert their functions, it is necessary to install them properly.

So the following small series will come to share with you the construction steps of the pipeline insulation.

  1. Clean the old body and debris of the pipe surface insulation material.
  2. Cut the ceramic fiber blanket according to the pipe diameter (do not tear it by hand, use ruler and cutter).

3, the blanket is wrapped around the outside of the pipe, close to the pipe wall, pay attention to the joint seam ≤ 5mm, keep it flat.

  1. Bundling galvanized iron wire (bundling distance ≤200mm), the wire should not be spirally wound continuously, the joint should not be too long, and the screwed joint should be inserted into the blanket.

5, in order to achieve the thickness of the construction and multi-layer work, it is necessary to carry out the wrong seam, fill the seam to ensure smooth.

Note: The metal protective layer can be selected according to the actual situation, generally using glass cloth, glass steel, galvanized iron, linoleum, aluminum and so on. The entangled ceramic fiber blanket is required to be wrapped in a solid, void-free and leak-free seam. During construction, care should be taken not to step on, crush the ceramic fiber blanket, and try to avoid rain and other infiltration.

When carrying out this operation, it is necessary to take safety protection and isolation measures to avoid accidents during the construction operation and cause damage to itself. At the same time, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the ceramic fiber blanket can be fully exerted, before the construction, must first check whether the fiber blanket is intact, and then use the installation after no problem.