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Precautions for buying ceramic fiber blankets in bulk

Precautions for buying ceramic fiber blankets in bulk

Ceramic fiber blankets, a thermal insulation material that can be installed in a large area, have been popular since they came out. Many high-rise buildings choose needle-punch blankets for thermal insulation, factory workshops, and warehouse fire prevention. Bulk purchases have become a trend. What issues should be paid attention to when buying What?

As the name suggests, there must be a lot of bulk purchases, so the quality and performance of the ceramic fiber blankets purchased become the focus of customers’ attention. After all, the quantity is huge, and quality problems will cause serious losses to customers.

Therefore, when customers buy in bulk, they can first understand the manufacturer, or find professionals to help identify the quality. Checking the certification of acupuncture blankets is also one of the effective ways to identify quality.

Ceramic fiber blankets are also sold in the building materials market, but because they are not sold directly by manufacturers, the prices are high.

If you plan to buy in bulk, we recommend that you choose factory direct sales and go directly to the manufacturer to buy acupuncture blanket products. The quality is guaranteed and the price is affordable.

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