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Precautions for ceramic fiber blanket construction

Precautions for ceramic fiber blanket construction

In recent years, the use of ceramic fiber blankets in the construction industry has become more and more frequent, so what should be paid attention to when using ceramic fiber blankets? Let us, Zou Yu International, tell you, I hope it will help you.

One. First of all, we must make preparations before construction. It is best to wet the wall in advance before construction. The standard is that there is no clear water; also note that the flatness and verticality of the substrate must be ensured before construction.

two. We all know that the ceramic fiber blanket needs to be mixed with water and anti-cracking mortar in the mixing ratio of “25 kg powder with 5-5.5 kg water” when used, and then it can be used normally after standing for 3-5 minutes. It should be noted here that do not re-add water and mix with the dried paste-like slurry. The putty should be used up within 5 hours, otherwise its performance will be affected.

three. When the weather condition is not very good, especially in rainy days or when the temperature is outside 4-50℃, construction is prohibited, otherwise it will cause serious consequences.

four. Store the ceramic fiber blanket in a cool and dry place. If your product has not been opened, you can store it for one year.

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