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Precautions for the use of ceramic fiber blankets

Precautions for the use of ceramic fiber blankets

As we all know, ceramic fiber blankets have many excellent properties. If you want to make full use of these excellent properties, you need to pay attention to the installation.

A mistake in detail may result in the insulation effect of the ceramic fiber blanket being reduced, and other properties are not fully obtained. Play, and will cause the ceramic fiber blanket to fall off easily in the later use.

In order to allow everyone to use the ceramic fiber blanket with confidence, the following will introduce the precautions of several ceramic fiber blankets in use.

1. Before installing the ceramic fiber blanket, it is best to weld the short anchoring nails on the furnace wall.

Because the head of the short anchoring nail is threaded, it is required to be covered with a layer of heat-insulating rock wool. The thickness of the insulating rock wool It is best to control between 15 and 20 mm.

In order to ensure that the center hole of the back bead of the module is aligned with the short anchoring nail, it is necessary to insert the short anchoring nail into the hollow sleeve in the module, and also put the nut into the head sleeve of the wrench.

In the cylinder, after all the preparations are completed, the wrench should be placed in the hollow casing to fix the nut to the head of the short anchor.

2. After the nut, the short anchor bolt and the back bead of the module are fixed by the above steps, the whole module can be fixed on the furnace shell.
3. The reinforcing plate is on the back bead of the module. This reinforcing plate is mainly used for the connection with the bolt.

When the module is installed, the folding direction of the ceramic fiber acupuncture blanket needs to be staggered, so that the installation can be achieved at intervals.

After the module is installed, it can be freely expanded to fill the gap.

As long as you can follow the installation instructions during installation and use, there is generally no problem.

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