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Product advantages of ceramic fiber blanket

Product advantages of ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket is a high quality refractory insulation material. It has a variety of functions, so it is highly praised by the construction, chemical, aerospace, military and other industries.

Below I will introduce the ceramic fiber blanket material.

The raw material of the ceramic fiber blanket is made of high-quality ceramics, added with chemical additives, and processed by a common process through special high-temperature heat treatment.

The ceramic fiber blanket is white porous, shaped like a cotton core, which is resistant to tensile stress and is not easily deformed. The raw material can be made into a tubular shape or a plate shape according to the needs.

Ceramic fiber blanket can be used as high temperature gasket, refractory layer, heat insulation layer, aerospace power high temperature insulation material, which has made great contributions to China’s aerospace industry.

Ceramic fiber blankets are neutral and acidic materials. They are not attacked by other weak bases, weak acids and water, oil and steam, and are not infiltrated with lead, aluminum and copper. They have excellent flexibility and elasticity.

The ceramic fiber blanket has a lower density, which is 75% lighter than the light insulation brick lining, 90%-95% lighter than the lightweight castable lining, and the thermal conductivity is about 1/8 of the light clay brick. It is light and heat resistant. 1/10 of the fabric (casting material), the heat capacity is only about 1/10 of the lightweight insulation fabric and lightweight castable fabric, which greatly reduces the energy loss, and the energy-saving and heat storage effect is obvious.

At the same time, the ceramic fiber blanket has the characteristics of simple construction, no need for oven, shortening construction period and simple installation.

The reason why the ceramic fiber blanket can shorten the production cycle is because the ceramic fiber blanket has a high safety factor. It is generally used in the sealing of the furnace door and the top cover of the industrial kiln, the fire isolation in the engineering building, and the fire and heat insulation of the electric high temperature equipment. Even ceramic rugs are used in drilling platforms in the petrochemical industry.

The production standard of ceramic fiber blankets is stricter, because it is mostly used for high temperature or high current intensity, so the quality of the products produced is superior.

First of all, we must choose high-quality raw material ceramics to ensure the final quality of the products;

The second is to have professional processing equipment and personnel to carry out complex processing, and finally to the hands of our consumers, these ceramic fiber blankets are subject to considerable quality inspection, please feel free to use.