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Refractory fiber ceramic fiber insulation blanket forming process

Refractory fiber ceramic fiber insulation blanket forming process

Product Description: The refractory fiber blanket is made of ceramic fiber cotton produced by the electric furnace of the electric resistance furnace and processed by vacuum forming process.

It is a lightweight, flexible refractory fiber insulation material.

In addition to the excellent function of bulk ceramic fiber cotton, the refractory fiber blanket is an versatile product with outstanding strength and elasticity.

Product features: high compressive strength, long service life; low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity; non-brittle raw materials, good toughness; accurate scale, good flatness; easy to open device, convenient construction; excellent wind erosion resistance; The fiber is evenly distributed and the function is stable; the excellent sound absorption and noise reduction function.

Refractory fiber blankets are typically used:

Steel industry: expansion joints, backing insulation, heat insulation sheets and mold insulation;

Non-ferrous metals industry: center bag and runner cover for pouring copper and copper-containing alloys; high temperature gaskets;

Ceramic industry: lightweight kiln car structure and hot face lining of the kiln;

Glass industry: the molten pool is lined with insulation, burner block; kiln construction: hot surface refractory material (instead of fiber blanket), heavy refractory backing, swell;

Light industry: the lining of industrial and domestic boiler combustion chambers. Petrochemical occupation: high-temperature heating furnace lined with hot surface material;