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Safety and safety of ceramic fiber blankets

Safety and safety of ceramic fiber blankets

The ceramic fiber blanket has the function of heat insulation and can be continuously used under high temperature conditions, so the quality needs to be strictly grasped, and only the qualified product can make the ceramic fiber blanket normal and durable under high temperature.

The factory produces a good civilized production work, and the workshop layout is reasonable; the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are stored separately, and the stacking is neat; the equipment and the ground are kept clean; and the working environment is continuously improved.

  1. Arrange production reasonably to ensure mass production in the workshop, reduce production costs, and improve labor efficiency and economic benefits. Put the right production concept into the hearts of the people.

Major equipment, technology, quality and other issues in the production of ceramic fiber blankets should be reported to the company’s leaders in a timely manner.

Organize workshop personnel to study and solve the process technology and quality problems existing in the production process, actively carry out technological innovation and process improvement activities, improve production quality, reduce consumption and labor intensity of employees.

For the employees who are new to the factory, they have the obligation to pass the band, and do a good job in job skills training, safety education and factory regulation. The safety concept of ceramic fiber blanket production is passed on to everyone and respected by everyone.