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Safety and safety of ceramic fiber blankets

Safety and safety of ceramic fiber blankets

The ceramic fiber blanket itself is made up of intricately intertwined ceramic fibers of many diameters and micrometers.

That is to say, whether it is a standard grade ceramic fiber blanket, or a ceramic fiber blanket or a zirconium-containing ceramic fiber blanket with a maximum temperature resistance of 1400 ° C, they are loose porous materials.

The porosity is as high as 90% or more, so the thermal shrinkage or expansion of the ceramic fiber blanket after being heated will be folded by its own pores, which is not too obvious, which is from the perspective of test and inspection.

However, in practical applications, in the long-term high-temperature working environment, due to the self-weight and brittle fiber rupture, the fibers are aggregated and discharged into the pore space. Therefore, the macroscopic ceramic fiber blanket has a certain shrinkage rate, generally Within 3%.