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Sampling method for ceramic fiber blanket

Sampling method for ceramic fiber blanket

Test methods and requirements for the preparation of ceramic fiber blankets for ceramic fiber modules, chemical composition, permanent line change, bulk density, slag ball content, thermal conductivity, resilience, tensile strength and requirements shall be in accordance with Class 23, Class 26 Relevant regulations on the technical requirements of ceramic fiber blankets.

If one of the inspection results does not meet the requirements, then double the number of samples shall be taken from the same batch of ceramic fiber modules for re-inspection of the unqualified items.

If the result of the re-inspection is unqualified, the batch of modules is a non-conforming product.

The above is the knowledge of the inspection and test methods of ceramic fiber blankets introduced by Xiaobian for your reference. If you have any questions, I look forward to your inquiries and look forward to your presence and cooperation.

       The inspection of the external dimensions of the ceramic fiber module shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of YB845.

Ceramic fiber modules of the same specification not exceeding 500 pieces are in batch. The first batch of ceramic fiber modules were randomly sampled, and the remaining batches were sampled and sampled as samples for inspection and analysis.