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Shandong Zouyu direct sales high-quality ceramic fiber blanket

Shandong Zouyu direct sales high-quality ceramic fiber blanket

Among the thermal insulation refractory materials, ceramic fiber blanket is one of the best quality materials. This material has a wide range of application fields and excellent performance, and is well received by consumers.

Shandong Zouyu Plastic Co., Ltd. now sells high-quality acupuncture blankets, you are welcome to visit and buy.

The ceramic fiber blanket product produced by our company is a kind of thermal insulation refractory material made of aluminum silicate as the main raw material and processed by the electric cathode furnace process.

The good needle punch blanket is white in color, regular in size, has good elongation and shock resistance, it is light in weight, has excellent thermal insulation performance, stable chemical performance, and can maintain its nature at thousands of degrees high temperature without deformation .

Our company sells high-quality needle-punched blankets. You can use it in high-temperature thermal insulation fields such as aerospace, steel, power and petrochemicals. It can also be used to make high-temperature gaskets, electrical components, and thermal insulation for industrial kilns. This material is also used in equipment.

And now our company adopts the direct selling method. There is no middleman and no difference in sales between manufacturers and customers. You can rest assured when buying, we can accumulate customers and do two things with one stone. Welcome to contact us.