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Special ceramic fiber blanket for pipeline

Special ceramic fiber blanket for pipeline

Treat ceramic fiber blankets, maybe you don’t know what you are. I feel that today’s nonsense talks about the steps into the theme, and directly uses the feeling of today’s main: ceramic fiber blankets and the limitations of utilization.

Ceramic fiber blanket center of gravity

  1. The accumulation of aluminum silicate (P820) is sensible. The aluminum silicate is made of aluminum sulfate and sodium silicate. After the two are inferior, the slurry of aluminum silicate is formed, which is degraded, cleaned, dried and ruptured. Ready to go.

The iron-free aluminum sulfate and sodium silicate are used as information to prepare a solution of inevitable concentration; the two materials are inevitably viewed in a reaction tank with stirring and pre-added with water and a certain additive. The steam is heated, the maintenance damage is almost constant, the change of the raw material liquid is compared, so that the system maintains the disadvantage under the inevitable PH value, and the latter half is degraded and then cleaned, cleaned, processed, and atmospherically fractured to give legal precipitated silicon. Aluminium acid products.

2, microspheres aluminum silicate gel: First of all, sodium silicate and sulfuric acid to produce silicic acid, silicic acid is very fast, a little inattention to gather particles into a sol, sol gel into a hydrogel. Na2O·mSiO2 + H2SO4 = Na2SO4 + mSiO2 + H2O where m is the modulus and is usually between 3,0 and 3,3.

After the formation of the silicone hydrogel, the aluminum sulfate solution is attended and then neutralized with ammonia to form an aluminum hydroxide gel: AL2(SO4)3+6NH4OH = 3(NH4)2SO4+2 AL(OH)4

Matters needing attention: should be stored in a cool, dry mud-type warehouse, packaged and sealed, need to pay attention to theft.

Limitation of utilization of ceramic fiber blanket

  1. High temperature air flow and liquid cleaning.
  2. Light industrial biotechnology high temperature paradox equipment and wall lining for heating configuration.
  3. Insulation of the stress relief of the cut piece.

4, applied to firewood shutter doors, fire doors.