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Storage and transportation of ceramic fiber blankets in summer

On a hot summer day, storing and transporting ceramic fiber blankets has become a major problem for manufacturers. Sun exposure and pouring rain may affect the quality of acupuncture blankets. The factory teaches you to do so.

储存 When storing ceramic fiber blankets, the manufacturer recommends that you choose a cool and ventilated place, not near the window, which can reduce the sun exposure.

Manufacturers also need to open windows and doors regularly to ventilate and ventilate, to prevent odors from acupuncture blankets affecting sales. Store acupuncture blankets in the warehouse. Manufacturers should try to separate them from the ground with wooden boards or plastic cloths.

In terms of transportation, the choice of vehicles is the key point. Vehicles with carriages can not only reduce the sun exposure, but also prevent the sudden invasion of heavy rain on the transportation road. If you do not use a transporter with a carriage, you can also cover the ceramic fiber blanket with a canvas or plastic cloth.

Workers should take care to protect the packaging when handling, and handle it with care.