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Storage requirements for ceramic fiber blankets

Storage requirements for ceramic fiber blankets

In many cases, due to engineering needs, a large number of ceramic fiber blankets purchased in advance may cause damage to the material and affect the use of the material if it is not properly stored.

As a commonly used thermal insulation material, it is now a necessary product for production and decoration, and can be used in different environments.

It does not use any binding agent in the production process. It is used in an oxidizing environment, and it will not change due to environmental changes and affect its own effect. It has strong tensile strength.

Simple construction requirements make it widely loved by builders. When it is stored, avoid rain, do not let it directly contact the ground, and pay attention to the humidity control in the storage warehouse to avoid affecting the use effect of the material.

Only by strictly observing these precautions, I believe it will make your project more perfect.

Due to its good heat insulation performance, it can reduce energy waste more. As a country with a large population, my country’s human settlement resources are at a lower level in the world.

With the call of the country, more and more people are beginning to save energy. You must pay attention to the correct storage to reduce the waste of resources.