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Taboo problem of ceramic fiber blanket

Taboo problem of ceramic fiber blanket

At the time of decoration, some taboo problems for ceramic fiber blankets should be clearly understood to avoid unnecessary failures. Here is a brief understanding of the taboos of ceramic fiber blankets:

    1, the choice of ceramic fiber blanket regardless of quality, only to the price, the price is cheap.

    2. There are various misunderstandings in the thermal insulation slurry including organic and inorganic.

    3. For some new types of ceramic fiber blankets, some people completely negate the insulation technology because of the quality of the factory.

    4. Some people think that inorganic ceramic fiber blankets with a thermal conductivity of 0.065 cannot meet the 50% energy saving requirements.

    5. Some people think that the ceramic fiber blanket with fully closed holes has a low thermal conductivity, which is a good product.

    6. Some users believe that the inorganic ceramic fiber blanket is only a good product with good hardness and small aperture.

    7. Some people think that polystyrene board used for decades abroad is blindly applauded and rejects other insulation system technologies.

    8. Some people have a shallow understanding of the insulation system. When doing engineering, the compatibility and compatibility of various materials in the insulation system are not considered.

    9. Some people choose it as the main material for external thermal insulation only based on the thermal conductivity or the water absorption rate.

    When using ceramic fiber blankets, it is necessary to understand these taboo problems to avoid problems that should not occur. It is difficult to solve the above knowledge.