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Talk about the main characteristics of ceramic fiber blanket

Talk about the main characteristics of ceramic fiber blanket

Aluminum silicate is actually a silicate that exists in a solid form. The chemical composition of silicates is generally special. The chemical equations of materials are similar to other salt structures, but are expressed in the form of an oxide. Generally speaking, the main property of such materials is fire resistance.

The ceramic fiber blanket is made by its special form. There are two main roles.

Fire prevention

Due to the special chemical properties of aluminum silicate, this type of blanket is extremely fire-resistant, can withstand high temperatures of several thousand degrees, is insoluble in water, and has relatively stable chemical properties. In addition, it is a metal compound and has a higher hardness than other materials. Out a lot.

  1. Insulation

Because the material has better thermal insulation properties, it is often used to make insulation layers. Generally speaking, when the material’s heat exchange performance is poor, it can isolate the external and internal temperature exchange or greatly slow down this exchange process, and then play a role in thermal insulation. The effect is that the chemical properties of aluminum silicate are like this, so the effect of making a thermal insulation layer is good, and in view of having fire resistance at the same time, the safety is also improved by a grade.

Regarding the problems that occur in the practical application of ceramic fiber blankets, we don’t have to worry too much. As long as they are high-quality manufacturers, they can basically give you more comprehensive help, because manufacturers pay more attention to methods in the production process. Therefore, it can meet everyone’s requirements as much as possible in the production process, so such a manufacturer will be more worthy of our choice and will be more perfect.