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The characteristics, application and processing of ceramic fiber blanket

The characteristics, application and processing of ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket is a new type of refractory and heat insulation material. The product is white in color and regular in size. It integrates the functions of refractory, heat insulation and heat preservation, and does not contain any binding agent.

Yuntai ceramic fiber blanket can maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure when used in neutral and oxidizing atmosphere.

Yuntai ceramic fiber blanket is not affected by oil corrosion, and its thermal properties and physical properties can be restored after drying.

All fiber blanket products are produced by the spinning method, which has the same excellent chemical stability as its corresponding fiber cotton. It has high strength at room temperature and after firing, and can be widely used in the fields of fire resistance, heat insulation and heat preservation in various industries.

Product characteristics: ◎ Excellent chemical stability ◎ Excellent thermal stability ◎ Excellent tensile strength ◎ Low thermal conductivity ◎ Low thermal capacity ◎ Excellent thermal insulation ◎ Good sound absorption

Typical application: ◎ Industrial kiln wall lining ◎ Backing material ◎ Insulation of kiln brick expansion joint, furnace door and top cover ◎ Insulation material for high temperature pipeline ◎ Module / folding block processing material ◎ Fire

Processing of ceramic fiber blanket

High temperature resistant ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers produce various aluminum silicate spinning blankets. The ordinary, standard, high purity, high aluminum, zirconium-containing aluminum silicate fiber cotton produced by the spinning fiber process Needle punching, heat setting, vertical and horizontal cutting, rolling and other processes.

Needle felts with different bulk densities and different thicknesses provide users with a wide range of materials to obtain the best insulation structure and energy-saving benefits. The spinning fiber blanket has a uniform diameter, long fiber length and low slag ball content, which comprehensively improves the degree of fiber interweaving, resistance to delamination, performance, wind erosion resistance, flexibility and tensile strength, thus improving the needle punch blanket Application performance reduces material loss. The spinning fiber blanket does not use any binding agent to ensure that the product has good reliability and stability in various environments.

Technical characteristics: low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, excellent tensile strength, excellent heat insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption, used in industrial building materials kilns, heating devices, high-temperature pipe wall lining, Wall lining of high-temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment in the chemical industry, power boilers, gas turbines and nuclear power insulation, fire protection of high-rise buildings, heat insulation, furnace door, roof insulation, high temperature filter material