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The correct use of ceramic fiber blankets

The correct use of ceramic fiber blankets

In recent years, the topic of environmental protection issues has been high, and the new exterior wall environmental protection insulation materials have become a hot topic, and ceramic fiber blankets, which are environmentally friendly insulation materials, have gradually entered people’s field of vision and are well known.

Ceramic fiber blanket is a new type of green insulation material that meets the national building standards. It is the first choice for many real estate developers, engineering contractors and decoration engineers in building insulation. So how to properly use this new insulation material, the following will be answered for you.

  1. Mixing ratio: 25kg powder with 5-5.5kg water.
  2. Pour the clear water into the bucket, add the anti-cracking mortar, stir it into a uniform, powder-free paste with an electric mixer, let stand for 3-5 minutes, then use it with a little stirring.
  3. Apply evenly to the work surface with a squeegee or spatula.
  4. When the ceramic fiber blanket is used for the glass fiber mesh reinforced protective layer on the granule insulation layer, the mortar is evenly spread on the working surface of the thermal insulation layer with a spatula, and then the fiber web is pressed and scraped with a scraper and batched on the surface. Scratch a layer of anti-cracking mortar, it should be as flat as possible, and the next procedure can be carried out after 3-7 days of curing.
  5. The normal thickness of the ceramic fiber blanket product is about 3mm, and the dosage is about 2-3kg/m2.

First of all, since the ceramic fiber blanket is in the form of a roll, its tensile strength is relatively high and it is not easily broken, and it can be stacked white when transported and loaded without worrying about deformation.

When loading, you can stack as many ceramic fiber blankets as you like in a certain order and method. Because the ceramic fiber blanket itself is lighter, you don’t have to worry about overloading when loading, but you should pay attention to the stacked ceramics. The height of the fiber blanket should not exceed the height of the car body, otherwise it may appear that the stacking is too high and all the blankets collapse.

Secondly, in the process of transportation, we should always pay attention to the changes of the weather. Although the ceramic fiber blanket can withstand thousands of degrees of high temperature, its water repellency is not so good. Once the quality of the moisture product is affected, it will affect its performance. Therefore, the ceramic fiber blanket is completely covered with canvas or plastic cloth when loading. Care should be taken during transportation to separate the ceramic fiber blanket from other items to avoid squeezing the needled blanket and causing the ceramic fiber blanket to deform.

The ceramic fiber blanket is made of ceramic fiber as raw material, heated by coke gemstone to 2000 ° C and cooled with certain additives. Finally, it is specially made by electric resistance furnace process without adding any binder. Our company is a professional manufacturer of ceramic fiber blankets. We produce all kinds of high quality ceramic fiber blankets all the year round. Welcome customers to visit our company. We will be happy to provide you with the best service.