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The difference between ceramic fiber blanket and ceramic fiber felt

The difference between ceramic fiber blanket and ceramic fiber felt

Although the ceramic fiber blanket and the ceramic fiber felt have the same raw materials and similar shapes, in actual research, the two products are completely different from the production process and the post-production process, and the two products are actually produced. There is also a big difference between the two.

Specifically, their differences mainly include the following: ceramic fiber blankets are made of silk fibroin process, filament fiber blankets are uniform in diameter and long in slag balls, and the thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber blankets produced by this process is high. Low, low heat capacity, good product insulation effect, high temperature for continuous operation.

The ceramic fiber blanket produced by the silk reeling process does not use any bonding agent and is lapped by physical fibers to ensure good reliability and stability in various environments.

The ceramic fiber felt is made of ceramic fiber blanket and is produced by injection method. The produced fiber is shorter, the content of the slag ball is much higher than that of the ceramic fiber blanket, the thermal conductivity is high, and the heat capacity is high, thus limiting The highest temperature of the product, the ceramic fiber felt can work continuously at low temperatures.

The post-production process of ceramic fiber mats is formed by adhesive. The production of ceramic fiber felt is divided into dry method and wet method. The wet method density is mostly used for sealing, and the dry method density is low for heat preservation. However, ceramic fiber felt made by wet or dry method cannot be used. High temperature zone.

With the development of science and technology, many old production processes and products have been eliminated.

At present, ceramic fiber blankets are mostly used in the market. With the decreasing use of ceramic fiber felts, the concept of these two products is becoming more and more blurred, but in fact, this is indeed two products.