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The difference between ceramic fiber blankets and other insulation materials

The difference between ceramic fiber blankets and other insulation materials

The continuous development of the economy has spurred the continuous innovation of science and technology. The development of science and technology has promoted the prosperity of the market, making more and more products on the market, and more and more satisfying people’s needs.

In the insulation market, There are more and more thermal insulation materials, and the quality and thermal insulation effect are uneven. Among the many thermal insulation products, the most popular among consumers is the ceramic fiber blanket. In the end, what are the advantages of ceramic fiber blankets compared with other thermal insulation products? “, can get consumer recognition.

The ceramic fiber blanket belongs to the inorganic thermal insulation material. In the process of producing silk reeling, a certain auxiliary material is added, the cotton cloth is settled, and the acupuncture is shaped (the fiber is densified by acupuncture to make the fibers entangled with each other).

Flexible blanket products, high temperature shaping, vertical and horizontal cutting, weighing and packaging processes. Since ceramic fiber blankets are mostly used in places with high temperature or strong current, the quality of the products produced must be guaranteed. Therefore, when producing ceramic fiber blankets, the primary standard for selecting raw materials is high quality.

Only high-quality raw materials can guarantee products. The final quality, but also professional processing equipment and personnel for complex processing, some users in the first use of ceramic fiber blankets because of their understanding is not too much, leading to errors in the construction process and affecting the excellent performance of ceramic fiber blanket Therefore, professional technicians should be employed in construction or guided at the construction site.

The ceramic fiber blanket adopts the silk reeling process because the silk fiber blanket has uniform diameter, long fiber length and low slag ball content, which makes the fiber interweave degree, anti-layering, performance, wind erosion resistance, flexibility and tensile strength.

Improve, thereby improving the application performance of the ceramic fiber blanket and reducing material loss. Our company produces all kinds of high-quality ceramic fiber blankets all the year round. Welcome customers to visit our company. We will be happy to provide you with the best service.