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The reason why ceramic fiber blankets are popular

The reason why ceramic fiber blankets are popular

Ceramic fiber blankets are chemically stable and insoluble in water. Is widely used in paints and coatings, and what effect does the ceramic fiber blanket have on the paint?

The ultra-fine ceramic fiber blanket has higher whitening ability than titanium white powder. In the manufacture of white paint, the ceramic fiber blanket can achieve the whiteness of the traditional titanium dioxide dry film concealment, the whiteness of the forward paint, and the ceramic.

The cost of fiber blankets is low and has become an outstanding substitute for titanium dioxide.

Together, the chemical composition of the ceramic fiber blanket can reduce the acidity of the latex paint and prevent the latex paint acid from corroding the metal container. When modulating the paint, we are worried that the solid matter and the moisture are separated, and the prepared paint does not reach the viscosity required in our hearts. The ceramic fiber blanket has an excellent thickening effect in this respect, and avoids the onset of this operation.

1. Fillers for glass, ceramics, pigments and paints;

2. It is a stimulating substitute for titanium dioxide and high-quality kaolin in the guessing, and is widely used in paint, leather, printing and dyeing, ink, paper, plastic, rubber, etc. in cooperation with pigments;

3. It is used to manufacture high temperature resistant fireproof and heat insulation cotton, board, pipe, seam felt, fireproof and heat insulation cloth, high temperature resistant paper, refractory insulation rope, belt, fire insulation needle acupuncture blanket (with silk, spray), brick , inorganic fireproof decorative board. Inorganic fire shutters, etc.;

4. Used as a filler for adhesives and sealants, capable of advancing hardness, whiteness, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, and storage stability.