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The use of ceramic fiber blankets in different fields

The use of ceramic fiber blankets in different fields

  1. The ceramic pipe and ceramic fiber belt are laid on the steam pipeline and the heat pipeline to reduce the loss of steam heat energy and ensure the loss of thermal energy. The energy saving rate can be as high as 95%, and it can also protect personal safety and not be burnt;
  2. Ceramic fiberboard and ceramic fiber blanket are laid on the metal plate in high temperature environment, avoiding the direct contact of the metal plate, protecting the metal plate from high temperature, giving full play to the performance indexes of the metal plate, and also reducing the high temperature equipment. cost of production;
  3. Using 1260 °C ceramic fiber paper as the heat insulation material of the mold on the inner surface of the high temperature mold and injection molding machine, the surface temperature of the mold can be reduced to 40 ° C, and the heat energy loss can be effectively reduced, and the working efficiency of the mold machine can be improved. ;
  4. In the high temperature flue and exhaust pipe, the ceramic fiber blanket or ceramic fiber cloth is wrapped. The temperature of the outer surface of the pipe is generally reduced from 500 to 100 °C, which is beneficial to the emission of flue gas and reduces the occurrence of condensation, because the ceramic fiber also has anti-corrosion. It also avoids unnecessary pipe corrosion;
  5. Insulation and energy saving on the building wall, ceramic fiberboard can be used for exterior wall insulation, the heat insulation effect is good, the energy saving rate can reach more than 60%, and 90% of the heat in the building can be kept without loss. A grade, inorganic and environmentally friendly material, long service life;
  6. Use ceramic fiber paper as the heat-insulating sealing material on the ladle to reduce the heat conduction loss of the molten steel, high temperature resistance, good thermal insulation effect, reduce the weight of the traditional thermal insulation material for the ladle, and facilitate the movement of the ladle Heat loss during the process;
  7. In the industrial furnace, the use of various ceramic fiber products (paper, board, blanket can be used) can reduce heat loss by more than 30%, and the surface temperature can be reduced to less than 50 °C. Even high-temperature pipelines, equipment, instruments and other parts have corresponding products that can be used to effectively suppress the loss of heat radiation and heat, and the energy saving rate is above 10%;
  8. Hot water tank and dyeing tank are insulated, and a layer of ceramic fiber cloth is wrapped on the outer surface of the hot water tank and the dyeing tank, which reduces the temperature of the outer surface, reduces heat loss, reduces the production cost of the enterprise, and improves energy utilization;