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Vacuum packaging ceramic fiber blanket is better

Vacuum packaging ceramic fiber blanket is better

When it comes to ceramic fiber blankets, I believe many friends will not be unfamiliar. After all, he has his own place in the field of ordinary thermal insulation or high-end aviation.

Manufacturers found today that vacuum-packed ceramic fiber blankets may be better.

The ceramic fiber blankets we usually see are white blankets. Most of the needle-punched blankets that pass the quality inspection are wrapped in plastic bags and stored in the warehouse. Although this can also play a protective role, it is not as good as vacuum packaging.

Vacuum packaging ceramic fiber blankets can remove the air in the package, which reduces the impact of a small amount of water vapor in the air on the performance of the needle-punched blanket, and will also improve the quality and performance of the needle-punched blanket to some extent.

In addition, the ordinary packaging needle punch blanket is not tight enough, dust, impurities, etc. can easily enter the packaging bag, and the packaging bag is also relatively easy to break, because the larger volume will also affect the handling.

Vacuum packaging ceramic fiber blankets are different, because there is no air, dust and impurities cannot enter, and the volume will be relatively reduced, the space is reduced, and the handling is also simpler and more convenient. It is recommended that qualified manufacturers can choose vacuum packaging.