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Warehouse environment of ceramic fiber blanket

Warehouse environment of ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket manufacturer introduction: The environment in which the ceramic fiber blanket is located will also affect its quality. So, what should you do if you want it to maintain its quality when it is just produced?

Today, Xiaobian will come to explain it for you.

    Ceramic fiber blanket is a well-known high temperature resistant, strong shock resistance, good elongation, very fire resistant and wear resistant, and its thermal insulation performance is also an excellent aluminum silicate product, mainly used in aviation, high temperature. Manufacturing industry and other industries that are extremely demanding on products.

As a manufacturer, after producing a large number of acupuncture blankets, we must keep the stocks in stock, and maintain the products to give the customers the best quality products.

    Ceramic fiber blankets are generally placed in the manufacturer’s inventory warehouse, but different products have different requirements for the warehouse environment.

The fiber blanket is mainly aluminum silicate. Although it has certain anti-corrosion properties, it cannot be mixed with strong alkali and acid in some storage, which may cause the needle-punched carpet to fail. Secondly, the warehouse should not be too wet or directly exposed to the sun’s light. Both are not conducive to the storage of the needle blanket, which will cause the product to crack or mold, so the extreme environment of both should be avoided.

Finally, we must do its packaging and do a dust-proof process.