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Waterproof layer design of ceramic fiber blanket

Waterproof layer design of ceramic fiber blanket

The ceramic fiber blanket can not only be insulated, but also waterproof. How much do you know about its waterproof layer design? Let us introduce the waterproof layer design of the ceramic fiber blanket:

Please pay attention to the following points when designing the waterproof layer of rock wool insulation board insulation project:

  1. The external wall joint structure of the ceramic fiber blanket project mainly involves the waterproof treatment of the intersection of the door and window opening, the awning, the balcony, the deformation joint, the protruding external wall pipeline, the external wall prefabricated parts, and the predictive components.
  2. The waterproof layer of the exterior wall of the building should be placed on the water surface.
  3. The structural layers of the outer wall should be firmly bonded.
  4. The choice of waterproof materials for building exterior walls should be selected according to the climate and environment characteristics of the area.
  5. The transfer of different structural insulation materials should be made of alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh or hot-dip welded wire mesh of not less than 150 mm on each side for crack strengthening treatment.

After understanding the waterproof layer design knowledge of the ceramic fiber blanket, it will be more helpful to us in the future, and it is believed that it will be more widely used in the future.