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The role of ceramic fiber blanket

The role of ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket is one of the leading products in fireproof materials. It is a kind of thermal insulation material which is made of ceramics and processed by special processing.

There are many functions of ceramic fiber blankets, which can be used in many places. Among them, they are widely used in high temperature insulation of aerospace, steel, petrochemical and electric power.

The use of this product is so extensive, of course, the merits of the product.

It has good applicability, good elongation, strong shock resistance, etc. It has chemical stability, thermal stability, sound absorption and noise reduction performance, high tensile strength, low thermal conductivity and low heat capacity.

The length of the ceramic fiber blanket is 50-80 nm. Because the fiber has a high density of interlacing, it is very itchy when it comes into contact with the skin. After a while, the skin will turn red. This is because the fiber is tied into the skin. After the skin is in contact with the ceramic fiber, do not use it first. Wash with water, first use tape to adhere the skin of the fiber, and wash it with water.

The main role of ceramic fiber blankets is insulation, heat insulation and fire protection. It has been hailed as a quilt that does not burn well. With the acceleration of the city’s pace, the building’s fire rating has been raised several times, and the building exterior insulation is temporarily unable to use the ceramic fiber blanket, but the fire passage, the large vault plant has begun to use. Ceramic fiber blankets are very water-resistant, so work should be done in advance when using them.