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What are the advantages of ceramic fiber blankets for rock wool?

What are the advantages of ceramic fiber blankets for rock wool?

The ceramic fiber blanket is made of materials, specially formulated, and is made by a process of melting in an electric resistance furnace, twisting into a fiber, and double-sided needling.

Different thicknesses of low thermal conductivity double-sided needle-punched blanket provide users with a wide range of materials to obtain better thermal insulation structure and benefits.

This product does not contain any binder and is environmentally friendly. It is the only fiber-based environmentally friendly product in the field of insulation materials.

(1) Good environmental performance. It is made of silk fiber. Its fiber diameter is 5 microns, fiber length is 200mm, tensile strength is high, dust is not easy to occur during construction and maintenance, and the dust will not form occupational hazards and will not affect people’s health.

(2) Good tensile strength. The product adopts double-sided needling, and the tensile strength at a bulk density of 128kg/m3 is 40,000Pa;

(3) Good thermal insulation properties. The classification temperature of the product is 1260 ° C, the safe operating temperature is below 1000 ° C, the thermal conductivity is small, and the thermal conductivity is only 0.085 at an average of 400 ° C, which effectively improves the thermal insulation performance of the product.

For example, in the Guangzhou Petrochemical medium-pressure steam pipeline project, if rock wool products are used, the temperature difference between the junction and the supply point should be greater than the specified value according to experience, and the use of the ring shield blanket fully meets and exceeds the design requirements;

(4) Good chemical stability, thermal stability, thermal shock resistance and sound absorption. These technical features are optimized to varying degrees compared to conventional acupuncture blankets.

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