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What are the functions of ceramic fiber blanket?

What are the functions of ceramic fiber blanket?

Through a recent return visit to our customers, we found that although there are instructions, some people still do not know much about ceramic fiber blankets, and they have overlooked some points that should be paid attention to. They ca n’t give full play to the full performance of ceramic fiber blankets. Today ’s small Compile the function of aluminum silicate fiber and discuss with you, I hope to bring you help.

The ceramic fiber blanket improves the preservation of thermal efficiency, but for some special-shaped kilns, because of the special nature of the chemical substances, it may not be possible to use the ceramic fiber blanket as a thermal insulation material for a while. Therefore, its development and application are also being further improved. It is made of high-quality aluminum silicate fiber filament by double-sided needle punching process.

After the double-sided needle punching process, the interweaving degree, anti-layering function, tensile strength and flatness of the fiber are greatly improved.

Ceramic fiber blanket has good fire resistance and is commonly used in thermal insulation in the industry. As a high-temperature kiln heat insulation refractory material, ceramic fiber blanket has good thermal insulation, so it can save more heat and is a similar type of thermal insulation material 1.2 times the energy-saving ability such as thermal insulation bricks.

The ceramic fiber used for the spinning blanket is thicker and longer than that of the blowing blanket, so the spinning blanket has a higher tensile and flexural strength than the blowing blanket. Thermal insulation environment.