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What is a ceramic fiber blanket?

What is a ceramic fiber blanket?

I believe many people have heard of ceramic fiber blankets, but not everyone knows what a ceramic fiber blanket is? What is the raw material of this substance?

What is its function? What is its purpose? The following are the answers to these questions, I hope they can make you really understand the meaning of the product.

The raw material of the ceramic fiber blanket is aluminum silicate, and then some special auxiliary materials and chemical additives are added, and processed in a high-temperature heating environment, so that high-performance needle-punched blanket products can be produced.

From the appearance, we can see that the needle-punched blanket product is a white porous tubular or plate-like product. Its main performance is high temperature resistance, fire resistance and heat insulation. These excellent properties determine that it can be used as It can be used as a thermal insulation layer, even as aerospace materials.

Needle-punched blanket products may be corroded in a strong acid-base environment, but there is not much impact in a weak acid-base environment, so we must pay attention to the impact of the environment on them when using them.

The above content is basically the answer to those questions. What enlightenment do you have now?