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What is the service life of ceramic fiber blankets

What is the service life of ceramic fiber blankets

As everyone knows, just as people will grow old, any product has its life span and cannot be used forever. Ceramic fiber blankets are no exception.

So how long does it last? What causes it to affect its service life?

One reason is the environment. The ceramic fiber blanket operating instructions specify the temperature suitable for its operation. If it is at such a temperature, in general, it is basically no problem for eight years and ten years.

The second is the humidity of the environment. If the environment is very humid, it will likely have an adverse effect on its raw materials and shorten the life of the product.

The main thing is that people should select products that meet the specifications produced by regular manufacturers, and their appearance should be coated with anticorrosive coatings and equipped with a considerable thickness of fiber protection film to ensure the normal use of the products.

Generally speaking, ceramic fiber blankets have a long service life as thermal insulation products, but they will eventually expire. For our health, please replace it in time to avoid adverse effects.

As long as everyone pays more attention to let it be used within the specified temperature, not placed in a humid environment, and choose high-quality ceramic fiber blankets, there is no problem in using it for ten or eight years.