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What is the use of ceramic fiber blankets?

What is the use of ceramic fiber blankets?

In many modern large-scale production equipment, many productions need to ensure a relatively stable temperature. If there is no material that can separate the equipment from the outside, I am afraid it is difficult to maintain a constant temperature, so ceramic fibers are needed blanket.

Ceramic fiber blankets have better thermal insulation properties and can effectively block heat transfer between the device and the outside world, because ceramic fiber blankets have thermal conductivity. So the heat transfer is very slow and almost negligible.

Ceramic fiber blankets, regardless of their better thermal insulation properties, are also excellent fire-resistant materials. Many high-rise office buildings are made of ceramic fiber blankets for fire and flame retardant materials, and now many residential quarters also basically use it.

In addition, ceramic fiber blankets also have strong thermal shock resistance. Many industries use it as a wall lining for heating equipment and chemical reaction equipment. Because of its super thermal shock resistance, it can well ensure that the chemical reaction in the equipment can be successfully completed normally and the product qualification rate is guaranteed.

Of course, ceramic fiber blankets not only have the above functions, they also have many functions, such as very sound insulation, strong tensile resistance, and corrosion resistance. In short, in the current industrial production process, ceramic fiber blankets play an important role, and there is currently no material that can be replaced.