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Whether the ceramic fiber blanket will expand when heated

Whether the ceramic fiber blanket will expand when heated

As an excellent material for heat preservation and fire resistance, ceramic fiber blankets are widely used in products that require heat and fire resistance. Therefore, it is very concerned about whether it will expand after heating or whether other reactions will occur, because if the fiber blanket is not heated, Control can’t be applied in many special industries.

Then the following small series will tell you about this knowledge, let’s learn together.

  1. The ceramic fiber blanket itself is made up of many intricate and interwoven ceramic fibers of various diameters, that is to say, the fiber blanket is the standard grade HLGX-212, and the zirconium-containing HLGX-512 with the highest temperature resistance of 1400 °C. They are all loose porous materials with a porosity of more than 90%. Therefore, the heat shrinkage or expansion of the fiber blanket after being heated will be folded by its own pores, which will not be too obvious.
  2. In practical application, under the long-term high-temperature working environment, the fiber blanket is microscopically due to its own weight and brittle fiber breakage, which causes the fibers to aggregate and discharge the pore space. Therefore, the macroscopic fiber blanket has a certain shrinkage rate, and the shrinkage rate is generally It is less than 3%, so there is no possibility of swelling.
  3. The main component of the fiber blanket is alumina, and the alumina will undergo slight volume shrinkage after being heated, so the fiber blanket will not expand.

Therefore, the ceramic fiber blanket does not expand under heat and shrinks. Therefore, when using the fiber blanket, it is necessary to consider this problem, and take protective measures to avoid the gap caused by the equipment used after shrinking. Loose or other problems occur.