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Why are ceramic fiber blankets so popular?

Why are ceramic fiber blankets so popular?

For friends who are often engaged in the thermal insulation industry, generally they know that ceramic fiber blankets have very good chemical stability, and this kind of product is insoluble in water, not easy to deform and soften, and is widely used in military equipment, Aerospace and other aspects.

The color of high-quality ceramic fiber blanket is relatively white. If you find that the color is yellow, it means that the raw material is mixed with other materials.

We all know that the requirements for military equipment are very high, so general materials cannot be used to manufacture military equipment, and the fire and heat insulation properties of ceramic fiber blankets have also created a good development for the industry to a certain extent.

In recent years, my country has gradually paid attention to the environmental protection and energy saving of industrial building materials, so a variety of environmental protection and energy saving building materials have been developed. In some public places with high requirements for safety facilities, more care must be taken in the application of insulation materials.

The high performance of ceramic fiber blankets not only satisfy consumers, but also drives the development of the industrial chain to a certain extent, and has a positive impact on my country’s economic development, which is worthy of praise.