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Why are ceramic fiber blankets widely used?

Why are ceramic fiber blankets widely used?

Why are ceramic fiber blankets more and more popular? Because it is widely used in the aerospace industry. Insulation materials trusted by the state must be long. Therefore, it has been favored by consumers.

In addition, it has a series of advantages, and it will be popularized for you today.

First of all, we must know how ceramic fiber blankets come from. The ceramic fiber blankets are made of high-quality coke gemstones that melt at a temperature of more than two thousand degrees Celsius and are solidified by fusion with other additives, and have many performance advantages that other insulation materials do not have, such as It has good extensibility, light weight, excellent thermal insulation performance and excellent stability. It does not deform under high temperature of several thousand degrees.

Therefore, ceramic fiber blankets are often used in various fields such as aerospace industry and military industry. The ceramic fiber blanket also has good performance of attracting and reducing noise.

The sound absorption and noise reduction performance of the ceramic fiber blanket is derived from its raw materials and its own structural features.

The needle-punched blanket is made of natural basalt and other materials. The advantages of this material are obvious to us. Secondly, the needle-punched carpet product is a product with many pores. The main function of these voids is to absorb the sound waves in the air and to achieve good sound absorption and noise reduction performance.

According to the advantages of sound absorption and noise reduction of ceramic fiber blankets, this material has a wide range of applications. In many high-rise buildings, acupuncture blankets can be used.

It not only has fire retardant effect, but also absorbs sound, providing a relatively quiet and comfortable working and living environment for people in the building. At the same time, the ceramic fiber blanket has the characteristics of simple construction, no need for oven, shortening construction period and simple installation.

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