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Why is it called high temperature ceramic fiber blanket?

Why is it called high temperature ceramic fiber blanket?

Ceramic is an artificial material with good heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation and creep resistance. More than 10,000 years ago, the birth of ceramics made mankind enter the Neolithic era from the Paleolithic era.
    Today’s ceramic fiber blanket, one of its main components is alumina, which is the main component of porcelain, so it is called ceramic fiber blanket.

In addition to inheriting the good properties of ceramic itself, such as heat resistance, wear resistance, insulation and high temperature resistance, it overcomes the characteristics of ceramic brittleness due to the change of internal structure, which is attributed to its production process.

The ceramic fiber blanket adopts the furnace-free water-cooled wall resistance furnace for melting, the continuous twisting process, and the double-sided needle forming; the fiber length, the diameter is coarse and uniform, the tensile strength is high, the airflow resistance is strong, and the thermal stability is good.

Through the self-controlled blanket heating furnace heat treatment, the ceramic fiber product can be phase-changed in advance to reduce the high temperature shrinkage of the product during use; at the same time, high-quality raw materials and special purification and mixing production processes are used to effectively reduce the product. The impurity content in the product improves the thermal stability of the product.
    Ceramic fiber blankets can generally be divided into two types: silk carpet and spray blanket. Because the thickness of ceramic fiber is different, the characteristics and uses of the two ceramic fiber blankets are slightly different.
    The ceramic fiber used in the silk carpet is thicker and longer than the spray blanket, so the silk felt has a higher tensile strength than the spray blanket, and is suitable for the anti-folding performance. Insulated and insulated environment.
    The ceramic fiber of the spray blanket is thinner than the silk carpet, so it is inferior to the silk carpet in terms of tensile and bending resistance. However, the thermal conductivity of the spray blanket is more excellent, and it is suitable for the tear resistance of the ceramic fiber blanket, but Thermal insulation requires a more awkward environment.
  Ceramic fiber blankets are excellent in fire resistance and are often used in industrial thermal insulation. They are especially good at insulating refractory materials for kiln furnaces. Ceramic fiber blankets have strong heat insulation capacity, so they can save more heat. Thermal insulation materials such as insulation bricks and other energy-saving capacity 1.2 times.
    Therefore, the ceramic fiber blanket is also called a high temperature ceramic fiber blanket.