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Development history of ceramic fiber blanket products in China

Development history of ceramic fiber blanket products in China

Since 1986. China has digested and absorbed the imported ceramic fiber production equipment and technology, and developed and designed different types of resistance method spinning (or blowing) fiber dry needle punched carpet production lines in accordance with national conditions, installed in 45 companies. Within the enterprise.

With an annual output of more than 100,000 tons, it has become the world’s largest producer. Product variety. In addition to mass production of low-temperature, standard, high-purity, high-aluminum and other ceramic fiber blankets and ultra-lightweight resin dry felt (board). Can also produce 14% to 17% ZrO2 zirconium fiber blanket. Its operating temperature can reach above 1300 ° C.

China’s ceramic fiber production started late. In the early 1970s, it was successfully developed and put into mass production in Beijing Refractories Factory and Shanghai Refractories Factory.

In the following more than 10 years, ceramic fiber products were mainly produced by the process of “electric arc furnace melting, primary air blowing into fibers, and wet manual felting”. The process was backward and the product was single.

Since 1984, Shougang Company Refractories Factory introduced the resistance fiber spinning fiber ceramic fiber blanket production line from American CE company. By 1987, Henan Shanxian Electrical Appliance Factory, Guangdong Gaoming Aluminum Silicate Fiber Factory and Guiyang Refractories Factory had introduced three ceramic fiber blanket production lines and vacuums of different scales and different fiber forming methods from the American BW Company and Ferro Company. The molding technology has since changed the appearance of China’s ceramic fiber production technology, backward production equipment and single product.