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Production method and process of ceramic fiber blanket

Production method and process of ceramic fiber blanket

Main production methods of ceramic fiber blankets The melting of ceramic fiber carpet raw materials generally uses electric furnaces as melting equipment, mainly including electric resistance furnaces and electric arc furnaces.

The forming method of the fiber is classified into a blowing method, a twisting method, a twisting-blowing method, and the like.

Ceramic fiber blanket process

The arc method is blown into a fiber-forming and wet-fabricating felt process: the qualified raw materials are added to the electric arc furnace to be melted to form a stream, and the stream is blown by compressed air or steam to become a fiber. After the slag remover, the cotton is formed into a finished product. fiber. The finished fiber is sent to a stirring tank to vortex and slag, and then sent to a storage tank to apply a binder to form a slurry. The slurry is molded by a press or vacuum suction, and dried to form a finished ceramic fiber blanket.

The main raw material of ceramic fiber blanket is silica and alumina mixed in a certain proportion, through high temperature melting, silk fiber forming, multi-layer cotton collecting, double-sided needle punching, high temperature setting, electronic distance measurement, intelligent cutting and packaging. Ceramic fiber blankets, which are produced by electric resistance or arc furnace melting and injection molding process, have very good thermal insulation effect, and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Ceramic fiber blankets should be protected from moisture during storage and should be stored in a cool, dry and clean warehouse. Medium, the package is sealed. The ceramic fiber blanket does not contain any binder.